Mission Statement

The CUNY BASP Program is designed to provide students with:

  • Knowledge and understanding of core concepts and theories in the field of social psychology;
  • Competence in a variety of research skills and methods;
  • Synthesis or application of research expertise in one or more specific areas of social psychology; and
  • Hands-on professional development opportunities, including both formal and informal training in manuscript preparation, revision, and review, oral presentation, grant writing, and teaching.

    Training Philosophy

    Our training philosophy combines formal coursework with an apprenticeship model of doctoral mentorship. Although students are expected to explore and develop their own lines of research, they will work closely with one or more faculty members in the first two years of their training to learn basic skills, gain facility with various stages of the research process, and receive exposure to particular approaches and methodologies. This apprenticeship model trains students in the empirical tools of social psychological research, allowing them to select from this toolbox in developing their own independent programs of research.

    BASP at the Graduate Center

    The Basic and Applied Social Psychology (BASP) Program at the CUNY Graduate Center trains students in the theories, principles, and research methods relevant to the conduct of social psychological research. The primary goal of the training program is to produce rigorous, competent, and creative researchers who are well-versed in the traditional canon of social psychology, but can apply this knowledge to engage with innovative questions and pursuits.